We are very sorry to inform that our distinguished Editorial Board member, Edgar DaSilva, has recently passed away in Mumbai , India.

Dr DaSilva, Former Director of the Division of Life Sciences at UNESCO, was a constant collaborator of Electronic Journal of Biotechnology. He wrote several papers for the journal including also an editorial. He was the promoter of UNESCO's sponsorship, creating the section Biotechnology Issues for Developing Countries and allowing emerging countries to receipt EJBiotech in CDs.

His contribution and legacy with the development of biotechnology will live on.

We will all miss him.

Papers contributed by Dr Edgar DaSilva:

The Colours of Biotechnology: Science, Development and Humankind
Edgar J. DaSilva

Island Communities and Biotechnology
Edgar J. DaSilva and Mary Taylor

Plant biotechnology: a tool for development in Africa
Johan A. Brink, Barbara R. Woodward and Edgar J. DaSilva

Medicinal plants: a re-emerging health aid
Lucy Hoareau and Edgar J. DaSilva

Biological warfare, bioterrorism, biodefence and the biological and toxin weapons convention
Edgar J. DaSilva

GMOs and Development
Edgar J. DaSilva

Biotechnology and the developing world
Edgar J. DaSilva, Elias Baydoun and Adnan Badran

Art, biotechnology and the culture of peace
Edgar DaSilva

International experience in human resource development in biotechnology: achievements and lessons learnt
Tatsuji Seki, Toshiomi Yoshida, Takuya Nihira and Edgar DaSilva

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