This special number of the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology includes a selection of the works presented at the “VI International REDBIO Meeting: Latin American and the Caribbean Encounter of Biotechnology” that was held in Viña del Mar, Chile from the 22 to the 26, October 2007. The meeting was organized by the Innovation in Agronomy Fundation (FIA) belonging to the Agriculture Ministry of Chile, FAO, International REDBIO and REDBIO- Chile.

The REDBIO 2007- Meeting had a great call in the Region counting with the participation of almost 600 researchers, students and professionals related to the development of the Biotechnology specially from Latin American countries, but also with the outstanding participation of researchers from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia (www.redbio.org/encuentros/redbio2007/redbio.html). International invited speakers dictated three Magistral Conferences and two Plenary Conferences. More than 450 works of high scientific quality were presented in poster format and more than 40 oral presentations were distributed in 19 thematic modules in the areas of innovation, business, education and communication, technical transference, plant and animal stress, genomics, genetic improvement in plant and animal species, bio-safety and regulation, biodiversity, bioethics and biofuels.

An international jury selected papers considering originality, quality, and the relevance of the research The authors were invited to write a complete version of the presented poster in English language following the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology format. Articles were submitted to a review process carried out by an Editorial Commitée.

We are glad to present in this number a sample of eight articles that represent the advances of Biotechnology in the Region.

Dr. Patricio Arce-Johnson
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Supported by UNESCO / MIRCEN network