Table 1. Cell growth inhibition, assayed using MTT test, of KB cells untreated and treated with jasmonic acid (JA) and compounds 1-3 at different concentrations for 72 hrs. Doxorubicin was used as a positive control. Stock solution of compounds was prepared in DMSO and the final concentration of this solvent was kept constant at 0.25%. Control cultures received DMSO alone.


KB cells
IC50 a(µM)


9.11 ± 0.4

 Compound JA

25.31 ± 0.9

 Compound 1

17.07 ± 0.4

 Compound 2

12.75 ± 1.1

 Compound 3

9.27 ± 0.8

aResults are expressed as IC50 values (µM) ± SD. The IC50 value, relative to untreated control, represents the concentration that inhibited cell vitality by 50%. Each value represents the mean ± SD of three experiments, performed in quadruplicate.

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