Fig. 2 Dot-plot analysis of fluorescence unit (FITC, 200 ms) against colony size (Area, mm2). After colonies are imaged, a dot-plot is the generated for all the colonies. Each coloured dot represents a particular colony, e.g. the dot with highest exterior fluorescent intensity, 3840 FU can be identified as a single discrete colony as shown above. From a total of 1 x 105 clones, only 217, 51 and 3 clones were between 1000-2000 FU, 2000-3000 FU and more than 3000 FU, respectively. Almost 99.73% of the clones were low-producers with less than 1000 FU. Another significant trend observed is the decreasing colony size with the increase in fluorescent intensity. In fact all colonies with fluorescence of more than 1000 FU were less than 0.04 mm2 in area. Thus, an incubation period of 7-10 days is optimum for high viability of isolated high producers.

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