Contributions of Biotechnology for Developing Countries

As one of the members of the Editorial Board of EJB Electronic Journal of Biotechnology I take great pleasure of the excellent reception that the journal has had from scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs the world over. I feel that the journal has occupied an interesting niche in the broad spectrum of biotechnology publications, because of its scientific soundness, its electronic format and the broadness of its scope. UNESCO and its MIRCEN network have recognized these attributes, and we are very pleased to announce that they have decided to sponsor our journal, effective as from last July.

Biotechnology is widely recognized as one of the most important technologies for this new century. Also great expectations have been raised on the potential contribution of biotechnology to the progress and welfare of developing countries. Having this in mind, UNESCO/MIRCEN and EJB have agreed in creating a new section in the journal: "Biotechnology Issues for Developing Countries". Starting this issue, invited papers will be published on this topic.

We are especially grateful to our Editorial Board member and Director of the Life Sciences Section of UNESCO-Paris, Dr. Edgar DaSilva, who made it possible to obtain UNESCO's sponsorship. Dr. DaSilva is also the first invited author for the new section.

I am certain that with the support of UNESCO "Biotechnology Issues for Developing Countries" will positively contribute to the widespread of the important contribution that biotechnology can make to the less developed areas of our globalized new world of the 21st century.


Fernando Acevedo
Escuela de Bioquímica
Facultad de Ingeniería
Universidad Católica de Valparaíso


Supported by UNESCO / MIRCEN network