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Thank you for submitting your Contribution for publication to Electronic Journal of Biotechnology. In order to expedite the publishing process we need to have the following copyright transfer agreement signed by the corresponding author and each co-author and returned to us as soon as possible. If the Contribution is not published in any edition of the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, this Agreement shall be null and void.

  1. The Contributor hereby transfers to Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (the "publisher"), during the full term of copyright, the full and exclusive rights comprised in the copyright in and to the Contribution, including but not limited to the right to publish, republish, transmit, sell, distribute and otherwise use the Contribution and the material contained therein in electronic editions of the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology and all derivative works therefrom throughout the world, in all languages and in all media of expression now known or later developed, and to license or permit others to do so.

  2. Notwithstanding the above, the Contributor retains all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights, in any process, procedure or article of manufacture described in the Contribution.

  3. The publisher grants back to the Contributor the following:

    1. The right to make and distribute copies of all or part of the Contribution for the Contributorís use in teaching.

    2. The right to use, after publication in the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, all or part of the material from the Contribution in book by the Contributor, or in a collection of the Contributorís work.

    3. The royalty-free right to make copies of the Contribution for internal distribution within the institution/company that employs the Contributor subject to the provisions of paragraph E below for a work-made-for hire.

    4. The right to use figures and tables from the Contribution, and up to 250 words of text, for any purpose.

    5. The right to make oral presentations of material from the Contribution.

  4. If the Contribution was written by the Contributor as work-made-for-hire in the course of employment, the Contribution is owned by the company/employer which must sign this Agreement in the space provided below. In such case, the company/employer hereby transfers and assigns to the Publisher the full and exclusive rights in the Contribution specified in paragraph A above. In addition to the rights specified as retained in paragraph B above, the Publisher hereby licenses back to such company/employer, its subsidiaries and divisions, the royalty-free right to use and distribute the Contribution internally or for promotional and non-commercial purposes only. Copies so made shall not be available for re-sale but may be included by the company/employer as part of an information package for licensing purposes.

  5. The Contributor and the company/employer agree that any and all copies of the Contribution or any part thereof published under the terms of paragraphs C and D will include a notice of copyright in the Publisherís name and citation to the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology.

  6. The Contributor represents that the Contribution is the Contributorís original work. If the Contribution was prepared jointly, the Contributor agrees to inform the co- Contributors of the terms of this Agreement and to obtain their signature to this Agreement or their written permission to sign on their behalf. The Contribution is submitted only to this Electronic Journal of Biotechnology and has not been published before. (If excerpts from copyrighted works are included, the Contributor will obtain written permission from the copyright owners and show credit to the sources in the Contribution.) The Contributor also warrants that the Contribution contains no libelous or unlawful statements, does not infringe on the rights of others, or contains material or instructions that might cause harm or injury.

  7. Each signing author gives guarantee of his/her acceptance for the publication of the article in Electronic Journal of Biotechnology.



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