7th Conference of Plant Genomics in China


August 8 to 10, 2006

Harbin, China

 First Announcement

Organizing committee

Chairman: Qifa Zhang (Huazhong Agriculture University)

Secretary General: Wenxiang Huang Ping (College of Life Science, Heilongjiang University)


Xiaoya Chen

(Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, CAS)

Kang Chong

(Institute of Botany, CAS)

Xingwang Deng

(Yale University, USA)

Bin Han

(National Center for Gene Research, CAS)

Guangcun He

(Wuhan University)


(Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science)

Zhensheng Kang

(Northwest Sci-tech University of Agriculture and Forestry)

Zhikang Li

Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science)

Jiayang Li

(Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)

Yaoguang Liu

(South China Agricultural University)

Hong Ma

(Pennsylvania University, USA)

Zhengqiang Ma

(Nanjing Agricultural University)

Yan Pei

(Southwest Agricultural University)

Qixin Sun

(China Agricultural University)

Guoliang Wang

(Ohio State University, USA)

Xingzhi Wang

(Northeast Normal University)

Ping Wu

(Zhejiang University)

Weihua Wu

(China Agricultural University)

Samuel S.M. Sun

(Chinese University of Hong Kong)


(Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)

Daoxiu Zhou

(Paris University, France)

Yuxian Zhu

(Peking University)


Plant Genome Sequence Analysis; Plant Functional Genomics; Comparative Genomics; Plant Proteomics; Bioinformatics; Plant Molecular Breeding.


1. Emerging fields in plant genomic research
2. Crop functional genomics
3. System biology
4. MicroRNA and Non-coding RNA
5. Germplasm and natural diversity
6. Abiotic stresses
7. Plant nutrition
8. Host pathogen interactions
9. Yield and heterosis
10. New approaches to crop genetic improvement

Confirmed plenary speakers

Gynheung An (Korea)
Xingwang Deng (USA)
Guangcun He (China)
Jizeng Jia (China)
Beat Keller (Switzerland)
Jiayang Li (China)
Chentao Lin (USA)
Manyuan Long (USA)
Hong Ma (USA)
Zhengqiang Ma (China)
Andrew H. Paterson (USA)
Yan Pei (China)
Patrick Schnable (USA)
Ko Shimamoto (Japan)
Qixin Sun (China)
Daowen Wang (China)
Xingzhi Wang (China)
Rod Wing (USA)
Weihua Wu (China)
Lizhong Xiong (China)
Yongbiao Xue (China)
Qifa Zhang (China)
Daoxiu Zhou (France)

General information

We request you to register on-line ( The registration fee is 700 RMB for regular individuals who register before May 31st, 2006, 350 RMB for students. After this date, the fee will be 900 RMB for regular individuals and 450 RMB for students. Deadline for registration is June 30.

Posters Posters in all the topics are encouraged.

Abstracts Please submit abstract on-line.

The abstracts are expected to contain new information of high scientific standards. An abstract of no more than 500 words should be submitted by June 30th, 2006, in a file prepared, preferably, in Microsoft Word, following the template provided on the website: And there will be no guarantee for the abstract to be included in the printed Abstract Book after June 30.

Commercial demonstration and exhibitions Space will be provided for commercial exhibitions. Please contact the organizers for registration fees before July 10th, 2006. Donations and sponsorships by commercial companies are welcome and will be acknowledged by providing spaces in the Abstract Book for advertising.

Contact us

Rongtian Li, Zhenqiang Lu, Chunquan Ma

College of Life Science, Heilongjiang University, Nangang District, Xuefu Road74, Haerbin150080, China

Tel: 86-451-86608243

Fax: 86-451-86608243


More information will be provided in the second circular. For registration and other affairs, please browse the website:

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