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Scientists, students and people in general, from all around the world visit Electronic Journal of Biotechnology for different purposes. The following are the most frequently asked questions.

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A. General

B. Publication fee

C. Subscription

D. Technical support

E. Contact

E. How to search

A. General

Whatís Electronic Journal of Biotechnology?

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, is an open acces international scientific journal, published only in electronic format, that publishes papers from all areas related to Biotechnology. It covers from molecular biology and the chemistry of biological process to aquatic and earth environmental aspects, as well as computational applications, biotechnology industry, policy and ethical issues directly related to Biotechnology. Papers accepted for publication are subjected to a publication fee or US $400 which is independent of  the length of the manuscript and number of figures and tables.

For more information go to http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/objust.html.

How long has Electronic Journal of Biotechnology existed?

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology has been published since April 1998. You can access all our issues at http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/content/archive.html.

How can I cite a paper published in Electronic Journal of Biotechnology?

An example of bibliographic reference to an article published in Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, according to ISO International Standard ISO 690-2 norm, would be formulated as follows:

MYERS, Michael P.; YANG, Jay; and Stampe, Per. Visualization and functional analysis of a maxi-K channel (mSIo) fused to green fluorescent protein (GFP). Electronic Journal  of Biotechnology [online]. 15 December 1999, vol. 2, no. 3 [cited 21 March 2000]. Available from: http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/content/vol2/issue3/full/3/index.html. ISSN 0717-3458

The date as in example (cited 21 March 2000) refers to the citation date.

Who reads Electronic Journal of Biotechnology?

Scientists and students usually consult our journal.

How many editions do you have?

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology has six editions per year: January 15th; March 15th; May 15th; July 15th; September 15th and December 15th.

Is there any other URL for Electronic Journal of Biotechnology?

Yes, Electronic Journal of Biotechnology has three different URL:




Is there a printed Electronic Journal of Biotechnology?

No, Electronic Journal of Biotechnology is only available in electronic format.

What type of manuscripts do you publish?

There are seven different type of documents:

  • Biotechnology Issues for Developing Countries
  • Issues in Biotechnology Teaching
  • Research Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Scientific Letters
  • Short Communications
  • Technical Notes

For further information go to http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/iaformato.html.

Can I use the material of Electronic Journal of Biotechnology on my Web site?

Yes, but you MUST contact and advise the editor at edbiotec@ucv.cl.

Can I create a hotlink to Electronic Journal of Biotechnology from my own site?

Yes, you can. You do not need to ask for permission.

How can I advice about conferences, meetings, seminars, congresses and workshop proceedings in biotechnology and how much does it cost?

You should communicate with the editor (edbiotec@ucv.cl) to give all the necessary information that is needed.

You can also publish the proceedings of conferences, seminars, etc, after they take place.

How can I find more information about conferences, meetings, seminars, congresses and workshop proceedings in Biotechnology?

Just by clicking over the proceedings title. We have the table of contents and a link with every proceeding that we advice.

Who are the editorial board members?

You can find this information at Editorial Board.

In which databases is Electronic Journal of Biotechnology indexed?

Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
Atlas de la Ciencia
Bioline International
CAB Abstracts
Clase and Periodica
Chemical Abstracts
eMedicine Knowledge Base
Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA)
ISI Thomson Scientific BasicBIOSIS
ISI Thomson Scientific Biological Abstracts
ISI Thomson Scientific Biotechnology Citation Index
ISI Thomson Scientific Journal Citation Reports
ISI Thomson Scientific Master Journal List
ISI Thomson Scientific Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science)
Ulrich Directory

Do you have a posting job item?

No, we donít have a posting job item.

How can I publish in Electronic Journal of Biotechnology?

You can find this information in http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/instructions.html.

You should send the manuscript, according to Electronic Journal of Biotechnology exigencies, to the editor (edbiotec@ucv.cl).

What is the C.T.A.?

C.T.A. means Copyright Transfer Agreement.

Can I use tables, figures and videos in my manuscript?

Yes, you can find more information in http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/iaformato.html.

The use of multimedia is specially welcomed.

B. Publication fee

Papers accepted for publication in the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology are subjected to a publication charge of US$600. This fee is independent of the lenght of the manuscript and of the number of figures and tables.

Full payments is mandatory prior to the publication of the manuscript.

The Electronic Journal of Biotechnology will continue as an Open Access journal and the submission of manuscripts is free.

Note: All manuscripts received in the Editorial Office from April 23, 2007 are subjected to this publication fee

C. Subscription

How can I subscribe to Electronic Journal of Biotechnology?

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology is free of charge for readers and you can sign up to receive by e-mail a new issue alert: you can choose to receive the table of contents; announcements about new papers and publication of a new number. You will find this options at http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/subscriptions/index.html.

How can I receive tables of contents?

You can receive them if you have signed up at http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/subscriptions/index.html.

Is the e-mail service free?

Yes, the e-mail services are free. You donít have to pay for receiving the table of contents or the announcements for new papers.

Can I modify my registration form?

Yes, you have to go to http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/subscriptions/index.html an type your e-mail address. Then you can modify your registration form.

How long will my on line subscription be valid for?

You should go to New Issue Alert an enter your e-mail, then you can modify your e-mail service information.

D. Technical support

If the Web site is loading too slowly, is there anything I can do?

This site is especially designed for 56K Modems or faster connections. You can also launch our Web site with lower modems, but it will be slower data transfer.

What are the ideal specifications for viewing the web site?

Our minimal screen size require to view our web site is 640x480, and the ideal is 800x600 with Internet Explorer 4.0 or better, or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or better.

How can I make Electronic Journal of Biotechnology my homepage?

Internet Explorer
1. Click "Tools" on the standard toolbar above the screen. A pulldown menu will appear.
2. Click "Internet Options." A window with tabs will appear.
3. Click the tab marked "General." You will see three sections in the window. The top one is labeled "Home Page."
4. In the box marked "address", type our URL (http://www.ejbiotechnology.info or http://ejbiotechnology.ucv.cl) and click OK.
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology will now be your homepage at startup.

Netscape Navigator
1. Go to "Edit" on the standard toolbar above the screen.
2. Select "Preferences..." from the bottom of the pull-down menu.
3. Click on the circle next to "home page" in the top right box. (If you don't see "home page," click "Navigator" under "Category" on the left side of the window.)
4. Type in http://www.ejbiotechnology.info or http://ejbiotechnology.ucv.cl

E. Contact

How can I contact Electronic Journal of Biotechnology or itís Editor?

You can go to http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/feedback.html and follow the instructions or you can send an e-mail to edbiotec@ucv.cl.

Who do I contact for permission to use Electronic Journal of Biotechnology copyrighted materials?

You MUST contact Electronic Journal of Biotechnology at edbiotec@ucv.cl.

How can I contact manuscriptsí authors?

You just have to go to the issue where the manuscript of the author you want to contact is, and then select the name. You can also go to the HTML version of the manuscript and there you would find the e-mail address.

Who should I contact if I see an error in one of your manuscripts?

You should contact the Editor at http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/feedback.html or send an e-mail to edbiotec@ucv.cl.

F. How to search

Do you have search facilities for keywords or authorsí names?

Yes, you may search by using our search tool or you can review our index of published papers and authors.

How can I search for a specific topic?

At our homepage you can find the Search item, or you can go to http://www.ejbiotechnology.info/content/search/index.html

How can I see full text?

You just have to select the version of the manuscript you want to see:
[Abstract] [Full Text in HTML] [Full Text in PDF] [Text in BIP]

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