International Congress:

Food Production and the Quality of Life

Sassari, 4-8 Settembre 2000


A dynamic control system to ensure an high quality to horticultural products stored in refrigerated and controlled atmospheres

Andrich, G.; Balzini, S.; Fiorentini, R.; Silvestri, S.;Venturi, F. and Zinnai, A.

Agricultural mechanization throughout the world

Hossary, M.

Alimentary milk of sardinian goat breed: industrial exploitation prospects

Campus, R.L.

Amaranth (amaranthus spp.) and its potentiality for celiac diet

Alba, E. and Polignano, G.B.

An integrated and transportable system for milking and dairy processing in sheep and goat farms

Manetto, G. and Blandini, G.

Antioydants in organic and traditional sunflower seed oils

Favati, F.; Perretti, G.; Galgano, F.; Pietrafesa, A. and Montanari, L.

Biodynamic agriculture – a paradigm for quality food production

Thimmaiah, A.; Santos, H.

Biological and integrated control of postharvest diseases of washington navel oranges in a packinghouse

Arras, A.; Agabbio, M. and Fiori, G.M.

Biological control of Planococcus citri (Risso) with Leptomastix dactylopii (How.) for reducing insecticide use in citrus production in sardinian

Ortu, S. and Marras, P.

Cheeses: a proposal for an up to date classification based on scientific and practical criteria

Ottogalli, G.

Chemical and biochemical properties of bioactive peptides derived from milk and food proteins

Fenude, E. and Monielo, G.

Cognitive inquiry on the moscato bianco vine cultivated in the north sardinia

Tedde, M.; Nuvoli, F.; Deidda, P.; Nieddu, G. and Petta, P.

Comparative study on morpho-qualitative characteristcs of ten navel cultivars

Russo, G.

Comparison among clementine cultivars grown in province of Taranto

Russo, G.

Contribution to knowledge of hygienic-sanitary risks related to "street vended foods"

Ziino, G.; Giufrida, A.; Minniti, A.; Pagano, N.E. and Panebianco, A.

Control methods for capnodis tenebrionis l. in the nursery and orchards

Nuvoli, F.

Detection of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) in commercial dairy products

Guidi, A.; Laricchia-Robbio, L.; Anichini, L. and Gianfaldoni, D.

Double aptitude lemon

Pilone, N

Durum wheat quality and productivity in relation to cropping system and fertilization

Poma, I.

Evolution of quality features of palazzelli and malvasio mandarin fruits over the maturity phase

D'aquino,S.; Agabbio, M.; Angioni, M.; Schirru, S. and Nuvoli, F.

Effectiveness of some preliminary treatments on dehydration kinetics of olive fruits

Piga, A.; Gambella, F.; Agabbio, M; Nieddu, G.; Conti, L. and Paschino, F.

Effect of blanching time on biochemical parameters and quality of artichoke ‘hearts’ for freezing

Di Venere, D.; Linsalata, V.; Calabrese, N.; Cardinali, A. and Sergio, L.

Effects of dietary vitamin E supplementation on the performances and the quality of meat of heavy lambs

Vignola, G.; Lambertini, L.;Martino, G. and Zaghini, G.

Effects of different dietary oils and vitamin E on fatty acid composition and oxidative stability of Muscovy duck's meat (Cairina moschata domestica L.)

Romboli, I.; Schiavone, A. and Marzoni, M.

Effects of physical pretreatments on the quality of dried plums

Di Matteo, M.; Cinquanta, L.; Morano, A. and Brunetti, O.

Effects on the production and quality of satsuma fruit of 3,5,6-tpa and cultural managmets

Pilone, N.

Ethical, legal and social aspects of biotechnology in Latin America: a search for solutions

Boccardo, P. and Muñoz, G.

Evaluation of vertical pattern distribution of sprayers by means of new patternators

Biocca, M.

Food and health plan: characterization of Sardinian animal foods

Mura, I.; Muresu, E.; Piana, A.; Azara, A.; Maida, A.; Piana, A. and Castiglia, P.

Food and nutrition security in the sahel: current situation and policy implication for the future

Salimata, W. and Guiro, A.T.

Food colorants from plants

Carrubba, A.; Calabrese, I. and Matranga, A.

Fruit crop genetic variability as a resource for food diversification

Chessa, I.; Deidda, P. and Nieddu, G.

Food flavouring substances from herbaceous plants

Carrubba, A.; Matranga, A. and La Torre, R.

Food preservation and food quality

Chirife, J.

Food quality and food safety in the framework of globalization

Di Camerana, M.I.

Genomes, genes and transgenes: promises, uncertainties and reality

Morgante, M.

Globalization of markets and economic unbalances in the agri-food sector

De Castro, P.

Identification of risk zones for food security in developing countries operational tools in sahelian Africa

De Filippis, T.

Il controllo del rischio sanitario di interesse veterinario


Il dramma dei bambini nei dati dell’UNICEF

Micali, G.

Il ruolo del Rotary International a sostegno dei paesi sottosviluppati

Ferretti, A.

Imaging applications for product and environment quality

Menesatti, P. ; Paglia, G.; Sperduti, M. and Uniformi, M.

Improvement factors of hygienic milk quality

De Santis, E.

Improving dehydration of plums of Sardinian germplasm by dewaxing treatments

Gambella, F.; Piga, A.; Nieddu, A.; Milella, G. and Agabbio, M.

Improving human health and food safety by reducing postharvest pesticide use

Droby, S.

Influence of harvest time on fruit quality and development of "hayward" kiwifruit in apulia

Russo, G.

Influence of physical – chemical characteristics of the farming substrate on the quality of agricultural products

Melis, P. and Castaldi, P.

Influence of temperature on storage of minimally processed cactus pear fruits

Piga, A.; D’Aquino, S.; Agabbio, M.; Cicu, I. and Fenu, P.

Innovative methods for fish products preservation

Di Matteo, M.; Albanese, D.; Cinquanta, L.; Galgano, F. and Orilio, P.

Mechanical milking and quality of sheep milk

Pazzona, A. and Murgia, L.

Mechanized food distribution in intensive aquaculture

Fedrizzi, M.; Uniformi, M. and Sperduti, M.

Morphological and qualitative characteristics of four grapefruit cultivars in the jonic apulia area

Russo, G.

Mucilages and fiber from plants as food additives and dietary supplements

Carrubba, A.; Matranga, A. and La Torre, R.

Natural microflora and quality of fermented foods

Morea, M.

Non-destructive studies of fruit by NMR Imaging

Culeddu, N.; Chessa, M.; D’hallewin, G. and Sanna, P.

Nutraceuticals and functional foods: the role of herbaceous plants

Carrubba, A.; Matranga, A. and La Torre, R.

Nutritional quality of vegetables: effect of chilling on the ascorbic acid content of fennel

Galgano, F.; Favati, F.; Lapelosa, L.; Albanese, D. and Montanari, L

On the susceptibility of some grapevine rootstocks to Xylophilus ampelinus (Panag.) Willems et al. artificially inoculated

Fiori, M.; Garau, R. and Prota, V.A.

Optimisation of a rapid and reliable method for Salmonella spp. detection

Ferretti, R.; Cocolin, L.; Mannazzu, I.; Clementi, F.

Platelet-Activating Factor (PAF) antagonists in fresh and fried cod (Gadus morhua)

Panayiotou, A.; Samartzis, D.; Nomikos, T.; Fragopoulou, E.; Karantonis, H.; Demopoulos, C. and Zabetakis, I.

Pre- and postharvest factors affecting fresh produce quality, nutritional value, and implications for human health

Kader, A.A.

Preservative and antioxidant food additives of vegetable origin

Carrubba, A.; Calabrese, I. and Matranga, A.

Production of fruit derivatives with reduced allergenicity

Brenna, O.V.

Protein allergens in almond seeds

Poltronieri, P.; Cappello, M.S. and Zacheo, G.

Proteome research: a new tool for the investigation of milk quality

Roncada, P.; Greppi, G. and Enne, G.

Qualitative aspects of trasformed chestnuts

Di Matteo, M.; Albanese, D.; Attanasio, G.; Cinquanta, L. and Naddeo, C.

Quantitative determination of tocopherols in different cultivars of prunus amigdalus l.

Leo, L.; Cappello, M.S.; Russo, G. and Zacheo, G.

Qualitative improvement of the Sardinian Moscato and Cannonau wines through the use of selected yeasts

Tedde, M.; Nuvoli, F.; Petta, P. and Farris,G.

Quality and food market: some theoretical aspects on the role of information

Benedetto, G. and Furesi, R.

Quality characteristics of some plum cultivars of the local germplasm

D'aquino, S.; Agabbio, M.; Rosas, G. and Mura, D.

Quality information of food products: strategic implications and social well-being

Pulina, P. and Rubino, C.

Quality of prenatal life: what the role of the placental barrier in its definition?

Piras, T.; Pirino, A.; Virdis, S.; Bandiera, P.; Fenu, G. and Mazzarello, V.

Reducing alterations of minimally processed fruits and vegetables

Piga, A. and Agabbio, M.

Research in the Service of Humanity and the Ethics of Food

Macer, D. and Bhardwaj, M.

Response of high temperature conditioned "buttiu de austu" pears held in shelf-life conditions

D'aquino, S.; Angioni, M. and Aggabio, M.

Rheological analysis to monitor the leavening process of pizza dough prepared in different conditions

Formato, A.

"San Giovanni", "San Giovanni Arrubia" e "Di Luglio": three very early ripening apple cultivar from local germplasm

D'aquino, S. and Aggabio, M.

Scarcity and surplus of the animal production: possible strategies for a better worldly balance

Bosticco, A.

Selection and practical utilization of autochthonous yeast

Moretti, G.

Self-control and security in the planning of buildings

Pisanu, M. and Denti, M.

Selfcontrol for food hygiene and traditional products: a possible coexistence

Perretti, G.; Favati, F.; Galgano, F. and Montanari, L.

Stevia rebaudiana (bertoni) bertoni as an alternative sweetener of vegetable origin

Carrubba, A.; Matranga, A. and La Torre, R.

"Sweet/snacks how lovely !but…."

Dettorri, S.

Technological and ethical issues in food process and food product innovation

Peri, C.

Technological and nutritional aspects of sardinian gioddu

Sanna, M. G.; Caredda, M.; Usai, S.; Mangia, N. P.; Murgia, M. A.; Leccis, L. and Deiana, P.

Technologies for typical products: the case of landscape olive-growing

Vieri, M.

The control of bactrocera oleae by natural product compatible with organic production

Iannotta, N.

The flor yeasts: a model for the study of wine yeasts biodiversity

Budroni, M.

The sprayer efficiency: from the auto-testing to the calibration

Biocca, M.

Training for "agriturismo" operators about the application of a food control system, or specifically the HACCP system

Dettorri, S.

Tree and shrub growth promotion for the development of the agriculture in an arid area of the Central Morocco

Mulas, M.

Typical breads: some prospect to improve it using microrganisms isolated from sour dough

Catzeddu, P.

Use of a probiotic starter in fiore sardo production

Mangia, N. P.; Caredda, M.; Usai, S.; Sanna, M. G.; Murgia, M. A. and Pietrino, Deiana

Use of Opius concolor Szepl. (Hym.: Braconidae) for the biological control of Bactrocera oleae (Gmelin) (Dipt.: Tephritidae): description and evaluation of a release method

Giovanni, M.

Use of some natural enemies of the greenhouse whitefly in protected tomato crops

Nannini, M.

Valorization of sheep meat: used in meat products processing

Mazzette, R.

Valorization of the fruit-trees local germplasm: early ripening varieties of pome-fruit and drupe-fruit

Nuvoli, F.; Deidda, P.; Fiori, P.P.; Chessa, I. and Ruiu, M.

Valorizzazione della crusca come integratore per uso alimentare

Ventura, G.

Variable-intensity conservation tillage

Sartori, L.

Visual and internal quality evolution of "di massa" lemond held in retail conditions

D'aquino, S.; Agabbio, M.; Angioni, M.; Delogu, M. and Tedde, M.

Water supply in the alimentary industry and its influence on finished products quality

Cosentino, S.; Palmas, F.; Pisano, B. and Deplano, M.

Yield evaluation and suitability to freezing of asparagus grown in southern Italy

Calabrese, N.; Sarli, G. and Vito, V.B.

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