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All manuscripts should be prepared with Microsoft Word and sent to the Editor by e-mail as "attachment" to the electronic address  For tables, figures, photographs, abbreviations and videos, see instructions below.

Receipt of each article is acknowledged by e-mail to the contacting author within three working days. The manuscript is read and examined for conformity to the Instructions for Authors by the editor.

The guidelines for manuscript evaluation are available here.

A galley proof is provided to author(s) for the HTML. Upon acceptance of this version the PDF will be done and no further changes will be accepted.


All submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter that includes a brief overview of the manuscript and the corresponding and contacting author contact information including full name, e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address (corresponding author and contacting author). It should also specify the number of display items (figures and tables), the number of attachments (manuscript, figures, Supplementary Information if any), and their formats.

It must include a statement indicating that the article has not been published in another publication and is not being submitted simultaneously to another journal.


Papers accepted for publication in the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology are subjected to a publication charge of US$400. This fee is independent of the length of the manuscript and the number of figures and tables.

Full payment is mandatory prior to the publication of the manuscript.

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology will continue as an Open Access journal and the submission of manuscripts is free.

In order to proceed to payment please click here.

Note: All manuscripts received in the Editorial Office from April 23, 2007 are subjected to this publication fee.


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